Why Reveal | Truly Clear Aligners

Invisible Technology,
Visible Results

Engineered for crystal clarity and beautiful results
with 100% clinician-guided treatment.

Why Reveal® Clear Aligners?

Designed to correct everything from minor to moderate orthodontic cases, Reveal is a uniquely clear, health-focused aligner solution available from dentists and orthodontists near you.

Nearly Invisible

Go unnoticed with crystal-clear aesthetics

Made with crystal-clear, stain-resistant ClearWear™ material for unnoticeable treatment – Reveal Aligners move your teeth quickly and efficiently towards a straighter, more beautiful smile.

  • Superior clarity vs. other aligners
  • Guaranteed not to stain or cloud
  • Zero to minimal unsightly attachments
Man looking at his Reveal clear aligner

Beautiful Results

With a local provider of your choice

Whether it’s minor or moderate corrections, your smile should be in the hands of a provider who can monitor and adjust your treatment as needed. Additionally, an in-person provider will make sure your bite stays on track and your teeth move as planned.

Reveal is only available through dentists and orthodontists to ensure you get a healthy smile with lasting results.

Not all aligners are created equal

Your secret’s safe with us! Say goodbye to tea, coffee, or wine stains and hello to true transparency. Reveal is designed to help keep treatment discreet and stand up to even the toughest tannins, so your natural teeth shine through with crystal-clear aesthetics.

Crystal-Clear Treatment

Reveal is a uniquely clear aligner that helps you go about daily interactions with unnoticeable treatment.

Stain-Resistant Clear Aligners

Even after two weeks of wear and daily coffee/tea, Reveal Aligners are guaranteed to maintain their clarity[2].

Zero to Minimal Attachments

Skip the “clear braces” look! Reveal is specially designed to reduce the need for unsightly attachments that get glued to your teeth.

Don’t do it alone

By visiting your local doctor for aligner treatment, you’ll get a comprehensive in-person exam to evaluate more than just your misalignment. Your doctor will look at your bite, gums, soft tissue health, root position, and overall facial profile. And during treatment, you will easily be able to get in touch with your doctor for support.


Reveal Patient Stories

“I am so happy that I did this! I cannot believe my results. I no longer have any crowding and my teeth are perfectly aligned!”
Kelly Thiebaud

“Reveal was my first option — they’re very discreet and you can’t really tell that they’re even there!”
Ashley McHugh

Reveal a New You

Start your journey to a better smile with clearer aligners
and expert-guided treatment by a dentist or orthodontist you trust.